Raceway Channel Letters

Contains all electrical components in one lightweight metal container. The letters are pre-mounted to the container, making the sign simple to install and a single point electrical installation. The sign is completely weather proof and built for interior or exterior installation.

UL Logo All our signs carry the UL label and are tested and inspected by a UL certified inspector.

Raceway Channel Letters System

Channel letters ship premounted to the Raceway. The Raceway is weather proof and contains all electrical connections and components, including the power supplies. A standard component of the Raceway is the On/Off/Sun Control switch. It is used to turn the sign on, off or to have it controlled by sunlight.

Letter Construction and LED Lighting

All aluminium weather sealed construction. Standard 5 inch depth on all letter heights, the Raceway is also 5 inches deep so the total depth of the sign is 10 inches. Signs can be installed indoors or outdoors.

12 volt LED illumination and power supplies are pre-installed and your sign will ship complete assembled.

Face & Trim

We use Modified High impact Acrylic to lessen the chance of breakage in shipping and installation. Available in White, Red or any Pantone or Sherwin Williams Color as well a full color printed. Face Trim is extruded plastic with aluminum core, can be any color and metallic finishes available.

Raceway Sections

Signs over 10 feet long are divided into easily manageable sections. We put the power connections and switch in the first section. The other sections of raceway simply plug together as they are attached to the wall.

Optional Roof Mount Bracket for Raceway

We can provide our standard or custom mounting for installing your raceway channel letters to a roof or other structure.

Shop For Roof Mount Brackets

Type Styles - Standard and Custom

Our standard type styles are available in the most popular fonts and sizes. All styles can have unlimited colors and graphics on the faces. See Standard Type Styles


Our Raceway Channel Letters are designed to be installed by people with limited electrical experience.


Shipping costs are predetermined and confirmed dates are coordinated with our customers to provide an undamaged sign when you expect it.

EZLit Channel Letters UPS box shipment

UPS Shipment

Most raceway channel letters are not small enough to ship UPS. If the option is available we will try to ship via UPS. Signs are shipped ready to install. You simply take the boxes to the installation site, carefully remove them from the packing and install. There is no assembly required.

Shipping Crate for Raceway Mounted Channel letters

Truck Freight Shipping

When sign is raceway channel letters or to big to ship UPS, we will ship your sign via truck freight. Your sign will be ready to install directly from the crate. You simply take the crate to the installation location, unpack it, and install it onto the wall. Our crate is designed for your letters to arrive in perfect condition.


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