Why Choose SignMonkey.com

Wholesale Pricing

Price Monkey

Our pricing is True Wholesale; this means you are buying directly from a large manufacturer that builds thousands of electric signs per year. Be assured we have the highest quality control standards. When you sell as many signs as we do, the last thing you want is quality issues.

Through our time tested techniques using the most modern CNC equipment, we build the highest quality channel letters at the most competitive prices.

Although price is what many of our customers know us by, it is not our most important quality. We hold quality of finished goods as more important. To create quality signs, you must use the highest quality materials. Our high volume buying helps us to purchase materials at a lower cost and pass this saving on to you.

Other Reasons

  • 5 Day Production

    5 Day Production

    While other electric sign manufactures will tell you three or four weeks for manufacturing. SignMonkey.com ships all our signs within five working days.

  • Easy Install

    Easy Install

    All our products are built for easy installation by a general handyman. Our goal is to help our customers purchase and install their own signs, simply and safely.