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Channel Letter Mounting types


There are two types of Face Lit Channel Letter Installations. Both can look great on your storefront and both also have their positive and negative qualities. Price can also be influenced by the installation method.

Direct Mount Letters and Logos.

This is mounting the letter directly to the surface of the building or structure. In most cases this is the least expensive and most attractive way to install Channel letters and Logos. It is not however the easiest way to install channel letters. This is because each letter will have its own mounting screws and each will have its own power connection.



  • Cleanest look with letters directly on the surface.
  • Installation can be performed easily with a pattern but access behind the mounting surface is necessary to connect power to each letter.


  • Installation will require more holes on the building for the mounting screws and for the power holes.
  • Some Strip Malls do not allow individual channel letters because they leave so many holes in their building.
  • Cannot have an Electric Eye for turning the sign on automatically included in the sign. has a patented system that makes installing direct mount letters and logos much easier. Our power system is designed for the letters to simply plug together so there are no stripping wires to make connections.



Raceway Mounted Letters and Logos.

With raceway mounted channel letters, the sign letters are mounted to a rectangular box that runs the length of the sign. This box contains all of the electrical connections and a on/off switch on one end. In most cases there is also an electric eye that will turn the sign on at night and off during the day, automatically. Only needs one penetration through the mounting surface for the power to pass through. With all the electrical connections inside the Raceway, any issues or repairs are easily accessed through the top hatch, from the outside of the building. In most cases the raceway would be painted to match the structure that it is mounted to, so it is not as visible.


Tip: when choosing a raceway color to match your building, select a slightly darker version of the color, this will hide it better. Otherwise it actually looks too bright.


If you don't wish to see the raceway at all, there are options to hide it. A background shape cut from aluminum or ACM Material can be cut as an outline or other shape. This background would be installed behind the letters and in front of the raceway.


All signs you install on your building should always carry the Underwriters Laboratory Label. This will ensure you have purchased a sign that is built to high quality and safety standards.


  • Faster, simpler installation. Example:
  • One power hole through the wall with One power connection inside the building
  • Fewer mounting holes in the building.
  • Top of the raceway opens for full access or maintenance of electrical components.
  • Sign has an On/Off switch built in.
  • Can have an Electric Photo Eye to turn the sign on at night and off during the day.


  • Raceway is visible without improving the look of the sign.
  • Must be shipped freight and not UPS.
  • It Costs more than direct mount letters.


Both Face Lit Channel Letter installation systems are designed to look and perform great once installed. I would recommend checking with your landlord prior to purchasing a sign to make sure that it will conform with their regulations.