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Illuminated Cabinet Sign


Check out our product called an Illuminated Cabinet Sign.

Illuminated Cabinet Signs are striking pieces sure to drive customers to your business with their brightly printed designs and lit faces.

Also known as a box sign or a lit box sign, these signs are built as a rectangle with a face retainer fabricated to the profile of the sign, all from aluminum. The metal retainer holds the sign face securely and allows it to be built much larger due to the face not being held with a trim that is glued to the face. 

The face is manufactured from a tough plastic called polycarbonate making it break-resistant and very durable. 

All Sign Monkey signs are built to be installed by clients, and can be hung using mounting tabs located on the exterior edges of the cabinet.

To make these box signs bright and stand out at all times, the face is lit with High Output LEDs. The LED power systems are built into the sign for a simple installation onto a structure. 

As with other Sign Monkey signs, lit cabinet signs include an exclusive 3 way power switch that provides the options of on, off and on with Sun Control.

When Sun Control is selected, your sign will automatically turn on at night and off during the day. Sun Control mode uses a photo eye to sense lighting outside and automatically turn the sign off and on accordingly.

For example, if a large storm takes place in the area of the sign, the photo eye will sense darkness and turn on during this time.

Cabinet signs have a simple 3 wire electrical connection, the same as any light fixture and as far as installation goes, all our signs are designed to be easily installed with cabinet signs having aluminum mounting tabs for attaching to your structure. All orders also come with one of our Installation guides.

Finally, as like all Sign Monkey signs, cabinets carry a UL label and are tested and inspected by a UL certified inspector.