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Double Sided Tape Installation Method


Sign Expert, Grace, demonstrates how to Install non lit letters using our double sided tape method.

Dimensional letters and signs can be installed in different ways. PVC Letters (as shown in video) are an interior sign type, and can be installed with a double sided tape.

With the tape method, our letters come with the tape already applied to each letter, you will just have to peel the film off the tape on the back of each letter.

Acrylic Letters can also use our double sided tape installation method.


What Locations are appropriate for Tape Mounting

  1. Tape mounting can only be used indoors.
  2. Wood or Drywall are typically what these signs will mount to.

How are the letters “located” on the installation surface

  1. In most cases the letters are supplied with a paper pattern. The pattern will show where each letter is to be placed on the wall.

What type of tape is used for this method

  VHB (Very High Bonding) tape is what we provide for this mounting type.