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Stud Mount Sign Installation


How to install stud mounted letters and Logos

Dimensional letters and signs can be installed in different ways. If you require that no fasteners are shown, the most common method is Stud Mounting. Stud mounting is a rod or thread of some type sticking out of the back of the letter or sign. This “stud” will match pre-drilled holes in the mounting surface. The studs will then be glued into the holes. This will secure the sign permanently.

There are a few techniques to make the sign safe and securely mounted. For this I have made a simple Q&A for these possibilities.

What Type of Signs are Stud Mounted

  1. Solid or vacuum formed acrylic letters
  2. Cast metal letters and logos
  3. Flat cut out letters and logos
  4. Metal fabricated letters
  5. Halo Lit Channel Letter Signs
  6. Many other sign types can be stud mounted when hidden fasteners are required.

What Locations are appropriate for stud mounting

  1. Stud mounting can be used indoors or outdoors.
  2. Mounting surface must be strong enough to hold the sign.
  3. Drilling into the surface is required, the surface must be drillable.
  4. Of course the wall itself must be capable of supporting the weight of the sign.

How are the letters “located” on the installation surface

  1. In most cases the letters are supplied with a paper pattern. The pattern will show where each hole is to be drilled into the wall.
  2. If you do not have a pattern, you can trace the letters onto a piece of paper. Place the paper onto a piece of corrugated cardboard. Install short studs into the back of the letters. While lining the letter up with its traced line, push it into the paper on the cardboard. This will mark each hole that needs to be drilled. You can then trace the marks with a pen or marker. If you sharpen the short studs this will be even easier.
  3. Securely attach the pattern to the wall surface with tape. Apply plenty of tape, you do not want the pattern to fall half way through drilling holes.

Painted surfaces: Blue painters tape usually works well.

Stone or Brick surfaces: Duct tape works best. You may need to hammer the tape onto the surface to make it stick well. Use a rubber hammer.

Drilling the Holes for installing the sign with studs

Once the pattern is installed it is time to drill the holes

  1. If drilling into stone or brick, Use a sharp metal “Punch” to mark each hole. This will allow your bit to start in the center of the hole.
  2. It is important to drill the holes as perpendicular to the wall surface as possible. Careful drilling will make the attachment of the sign to the wall much easier and faster. Drilling operation Clean out hole
  3. If drilling into stone or masonry, you will need a rotary hammer or a hammer drill. Drilling into brick can be very difficult and you will need a quality carbide drill bit.
  4. If you are drilling and hit something that you cannot drill through, cut the stud short that goes into that hole.
  5. Be sure to clean up after drilling, it is much easier now than after the sign is installed.

What types of studs are there

  1. All Thread Rods of aluminum or steel are normally used for studs.
  2. Size 10-24 to ¼-20 size threads.


What Size Hole should I drill

  1. The drill bit you use should be slightly larger than the stud size. It will be almost impossible to get perfectly drilled holes that are straight and in the exact location.

If using a 10-24 thread, drill a .25” hole.

If using a 1/4 -20 thread, drill a 5/16” hole.

How Long should the studs be

  1. Interior installation: The studs only need to be long enough to hold the sign in its location until the adhesive is dry. In most cases, the wall will be built of ” thick sheetrock. A 1” stud will be plenty long enough.
  2. Exterior installation: The studs should be longer to grip the hole when the potential for water to get behind the sign parts and lift it away from the mounting surface. I would suggest 2” to 3” long.


What Adhesives for securing studs into the predrilled holes

  1. It is important to remove the dust from the hole, this can be with compressed air or just use a straw and blow out the hole, while protecting your eyes.
  2. Silicone is the best option for mounting signs interior or exterior.

It's best to have glue with a tube attached to squirt down in the holes.

  1. As you are installing the sign some parts may want to move, you can use the same tape that you installed the pattern to hold the sign in the exact place while glue dries.

If the tape is aggressive, like duct tape, place a piece of blue painters tape on the sign first and then the duct tape over it.


Once the installation is complete, leave the tape for a few hours prior to removing. If you need any help with your installation please call us at We love to talk about signs.