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Raceway Sign Installation Instructions

Solar Sign Lighting Instructions
A PDF version of this document is available for downloading and printing.
Download Installation Instructions (PDF)

Required Tools Accompanying Logos Referenced within Instructions

  • Level
  • Safety Glasses
  • Drill
  • Fasteners
  • Tape Measure
  • Helper

Step 1 Initial Examination

Inspect the crate for any damages.

If any damages are present on the crate, please contact immediately prior to signing for the sign.

Unpack the power connection.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Step 2 Wall Preparation

Measure from the end of the raceway to the power hole.

In most cases this is 10 inches for the end of the raceway and 4.5 inches down from the top of the flange.
Raceway Installation Instructions

Remove the boards from the top of the crate.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Measure the overall length of the raceway to determine its physical center.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Place a piece of easily removable tape onto the wall at the center location of the raceway. From this point measure over until the edge of the raceway, where another piece of tape should be placed.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Using the measurement taken from the end of the raceway to the power hole, and the previously established edge, locate and mark the location of the power hole.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Determine the location of the first mounting hole according to the length and size of your raceway.

Additional information on the location of this mounting hole and the spacing between additional mounting holes can be found in our mounting suggestions document in addition to the installation video.
Raceway Installation Instructions

Pre-drill the power hole and the established first mountng hole.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Step 3 Unpacking and Installation of Raceway(s)

Unscrew the raceway’s mountng lip from the crate.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Remove the raceway from the crate, ensuring that the sign is lifted by the raceway itself.

CAUTION: Do NOT lit the sign from the letters themselves. Our signs are built to a high quality, but the individual letters are not designed to support the weight of the entire sign.
Raceway Installation Instructions

Slide the power wires through the pre-drilled power hole in the wall.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Begin mounting the raceway to the wall through the pre-drilled mounting hole.

Suggestions for fasteners can be found within the literature located on the website.
Raceway Installation Instructions

With your helper holding the other end, make connections between any adjoining raceways and slide the ends together.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Mount each additional raceway to the wall after leveling to the raceway directly before it. Continue installing all the mounting screws through the top and bottom flange.

Raceway Installation Instructions

Make the final connection to your power source

Turn your sign on. (You’re Done!)