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Sign Permit Guide

There is no need to be intimidated about getting a sign permit for your commercial business sign. The easiest way to start is to Google “sign permit (insert your location)” and contact the planning department. Remember some Municipalities also require you to go through the building department as well. Even if the City Municipality does not require a permit the county may, so be sure to check with them as well. It's not as difficult as it seems and we’re always available to help, just give us a call.  

  1. Most leases for retail / commercial space have a sign addendum that provides very general landlord guidelines for signage. The sign addendum will also tell you whether or not the landlord must approve the sign before it is ordered or installed.  
  2. The municipality defines most sign specifications; i.e., square footage, height, type of lighting, placement on the wall, etc. Every municipality is slightly different so some amount of research is usually required.  
  3. Pay close attention to time frames. If you want your sign in place on a specific date you need to make certain that permitting can be done and the sign fabricated by that date.  
  4. Now that you have made all of the buying decisions, it's time to assemble the documentation and fill out the forms. Commonly requested items can include:
    • Sign Permit Application

      This can usually be downloaded from the City website
    • Site plan for building

      A simple drawing as if you were looking from space, showing the building and sign location. Include an arrow pointing North on your drawing.  
    • Linear footage of property/Tenant Space/Building

      This is the width of the actual location business or tenant location.  
    • Value of the sign

      Actual retail price of the sign, this is used to determine the price of the sign permit and tax.
    • Scaled Elevation Drawings/Photo

      We provide for free, you supply us with a straight on picture of the installation Location.
    • Electrical Schematic

      We provide you with this free of charge.
  5. Take the completed package and your Survey Worksheet to your municipality. Make sure that your contact information is on the application so that you can be contacted with any questions. Before leaving ask when you should receive notification or approval.