Frequently Asked Questions

Dimensional letters and shapes that have LED illumination inside. This allows light to show from the font of the letter or graphics. Installation is made simple with our EZLit power system.
All Letters and Shaped Graphics come with an installation pattern, power strip and installation clips on each part. After screwing sign to the wall it is simply plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The installation can be seen on a video at Sign Monkey, on Youtube.
Your sign will come complete with everything you need to install and light your sign. The only part you will need to supply is screws from you local hardware store to attach your sign to the wall.
Face Lit Letters and Shaped Graphics come with a 3 year warranty, but are designed to last 10 years or longer. They are constructed of aluminum and plastic to hold up to outside elements without rusting or rotting.
Our company has been making signs for over 25 years. Our efficient production process and buying power allow us to offer a high quality sign at a low price. Our products due to our Patented Systems are the safest, easiest and fastest to install. Our customer support team is available through email, live chat, or phone.
Production begins the following day after you place your order. Your sign will ship within 5 business days and will be shipped UPS ground or truck freight. uses only high quality - low voltage LEDs so the average sign will use less energy than one conventional light bulb.

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We love to hear from our customers. We will give you advise on what sign type, how to get a permit or whatever sign related question you have.