Solar Sign Lighting Instructions

Solar Sign Lighting Instructions
A PDF version of these instructions is available for downloading and printing.
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Since all our lit sign products are lit with low voltage LEDs, it is a simple conversion to Solar Power your sign. This can be something you are doing for environmental conservation or to install a Lit Sign where there is no utility power source. Either way, we can help you to make this happen.

Solar Installation Diagram

Purchasing you sign:

All our lit products can be "solar powered" including EZLit Plug-n-Play Channel Letters, Raceway Mounted Channel Letters and Lit Shape Signs. Pay attention to the size and estimated wattage of your sign. The higher the wattage the larger the solar panels and battery that will be required.

Our customer service team would be happy to guide you through this process.

Parts for Solar Conversion:


The physical installation of your sign will be the same as it would be if the sign was not Solar Powered. The solar conversion of your sign from Conventional Electric AC line voltage to Solar DC is very simple. There are one or more AC to 12VDC Power Supplies inside the sign when you receive it. You are going to bypass the power supplies with your wire from the Morningstar Sunlight Controller. We can walk you through this if you are unfamiliar with this type of thing.

Your sign will then be controlled by the Morningstar Sunlight Controller. On the controller you can determine when your sign turns and off based on how much sunlight is hitting the solar panel. You can also control how long the sign stays on a night so to not drain your battery by staying on late in the evening when you are not get any benefit from it.