Easy Installation

Plug-n-Play Sign Installation

All our Products

are built for easy installation by a general handyman. Our goal is to help our customers purchase and install their own signs, simply and safely. During your installation if you have any questions you can call us anytime at (304) 399-3503 Not all signs are built the same, when you purchase “wholesale” channel letters, you are buying a sign built to be installed by an electrician with knowledge of electrical signs. When you buy from SignMonkey.com, you are buying a sign built to be installed by a general handyman or a business owner with general construction skills.


EZLit Signs

  • Installation pattern for showing exactly where each hole is to be drilled
  • Mounting Tabs that make installing fasteners easy and without the need to disassemble the sign
  • Plug-n-Play power strip for fast and simple power supply to each letters. This is an exclusive feature of SignMonkey.com, we have the patent!

Raceway Signs

Built of aluminum and plastic to be easy to lift and hold during installation. Raceways have all the electrical components inside and only require one power connection. You simply drag the crate to the installation location, take it out of the crate directly to install on the wall, no assembly what so ever.

Self Contained Signs

All the electrical components inside the sign and require only one electrical connection, just like the Raceway signs the sign includes our exclusive Sun Control Switch. Just like our EZLit letters, the signs also include mounting tabs so there is no need to open or disassemble the sign during installation. Sign goes directly from the crate to install on the wall. No assembly what so ever.

Of course all our signs are legal for anyplace you can install an electrical sign and all our electrical products have the Underwriter's Laboratory label. Our signs also go through a multi-point inspection process as part of our manufacturing.

  • 5 Day Production

    5 Day Production

    While other electric sign manufactures will tell you three or four weeks for manufacturing. SignMonkey.com ships all our signs within five working days.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Wholesale Pricing

    Our pricing is True Wholesale; this means you are buying directly from a large manufacturer that builds thousands of electric signs per year. Be assured we have the highest quality control standards. When you sell as many signs as we do, the last thing you want is quality issues.